CeLSIUS staff

Photo of Emily Grundy

Emily Grundy

Emily Grundy worked in the first group set up to facilitate use of the LS (at City University) and has made extensive use of the LS to study migration, households and household change, changes in the circumstances of the older population and most recently differentials in cancer survival (with Andy Sloggett). She is Professor of Demographic Gerontology and leader of the CeLSIUS team.


Photo of Pat Doyle

Pat Doyle

Professor Pat Doyle has a background in both Demography and Epidemiology and is particularly interested in reproductive outcome. She is currently using the LS to study the prevalence of multiple births by region, socio-economic status and period. Pat also works with Emily on management and liaison, including representing CeLSIUS on a number of committees.


Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall graduated from St Andrews University as a Biochemist in 1969. He worked for Brooke Bond until 1973 when he moved as a Research Assistant to Charing Cross Hospital gaining a PhD in 1979. He transferred to the computing dept in 1989 and worked on the Vamp Research database from 1990 before taking control of a student patient administration system at the London Hospital Dental Institute in 1994. He has experience of handling and analysing large data sets using DBMS and statistical packages SPSS and SAS. Within CeLSIUS Chris provides advice and data extracts to users of the LS.


Susan Ramsay

Susan has a background in demography, development studies and quantitative research methods. She completed her under- and postgraduate degrees at the LSE and has a PhD in Social Research Methods and Statistics from the Centre for Census and Survey Research in Manchester. Her thesis looked at the process and consequences of population ageing in Cuba. She joined the CeLSIUS team in October 2011; her job is to provide advice on defining the data needed by users and to produce extracts from the LS at the Office for National Statistics.


Photo of Rachel Stuchbury

Rachel Stuchbury

Rachel Stuchbury has degrees in French, Biblical Studies and Social Research and has been working in social science research since 1984, mainly in the Institute of Gerontology at King's College London. In January 2006 she joined the CeLSIUS team, while maintaining a part-time research role at King's College London. Within CeLSIUS she is extending the distance-based learning and web resources and also provides advice and data extracts to users of the LS.


Photo of Rachel Stuchbury

Jo Tomlinson

Jo Tomlinson was the original CeLSIUS Executive Officer, the lynchpin of the CeLSIUS Team from 2001 to 2007 when she left to have a baby. When the post (now part-time) became vacant in early 2011, we were delighted to learn that Jo was available for work again and to welcome her back.


Last modified 22 November 2011