ONS Longitudinal Study: resources for LS users

List of variables

- the Data Dictionary

Derived variable database

- offers STATA code to create a range of derived variables, also some notes on analysis.

Birth Environment
Cause of death Ethnicity derived from country of birth
Communal establishments Health
Country of birth Household composition
  Economic activity Region
  Education Religion

Technical reports

Self-rated health and care-giving in the 2001 Census: implications of non-response
J Buxton and N Smith (CeLSIUS), Oct 2010, Word document
New approaches to analysis of rates, and survival analysis, in the ONS Longitudinal Study
A memorandum in .pdf format by Andy Sloggett
Households and families: implications of changing census definitions
Article in Population Trends by E Grundy, R Stuchbury & H Young, Spring 2010

See also the Fertility training module, the other online resources on the Training page, the LS Series, the LS Working Papers and the LS User Guides.

UK-wide analysis

- offers a technical paper and other resources for those wishing to use all three Longitudinal Studies.

Last modified 2 November 2011