ONS Longitudinal Study user guides

Please check availability of the LS User Guides listed below with us, except for LS User Guide nos. 18, 19 and 20 which are available here for download as PDF files.

  1. Households, families and fertility. B. Penhale (1990)
  2. The measurement of ethnicity. A. Stuart (1990)
  3. The analysis potential of the LS. I. Plewis (1990)
  4. Discontinued
  5. Modelling categorical data with GLIM. C. Ward (1991)
  6. Discontinued
  7. An introduction to the area based variables in the LS. R. Creeser (1991)
  8. A comparison of mortality measures in the OPCS Longitudinal Study. R. Weatherall (1992)
  9. A guide to the fertility and infant mortality datastream. R. Creeser (1992)
  10. An examination of the quality of OPCS Longitudinal Study data for use in fertility analysis. P. Babb and L. Hattersley (1992)
  11. Using SPSSX Statistical Procedures with the LS. S. Gleave, R. Creeser, B. Dodgeon (1993)
  12. Analysis Issues in the LS. R. Creeser (1994)
  13. Discontinued
  14. User Guide to producing tables in SAS with Proc Tabulate. J. Wright (1996)
  15. Discontinued
  16. Discontinued
  17. User Guide to LS mainframe computing*. B. Dodgeon, K. Lynch and J. Wright (1998)
  18. International migration data in the Longitudinal Study. L. Hattersley (1999).

  19. Using the Longitudinal Study cancer data for research. Download this User Guide as PDF (612K) using the link. (You will need Acrobat Reader to view PDF files).

  20. Researching households and families using the ONS Longitudinal Study. A. Brassett-Grundy(2003). Download this User Guide as PDF (905K) using the link.
Last modified 13 July 2011