Findlay A (Dundee) et al. Upward and onward: a study of Scots out migration from a global city. In: International Population Geographies Conference. 15 – 16 June; Liverpool: 2006.

This paper uses longitudinal data from the 1991 and 2001 censuses to measure upward occupational mobility as well as primary survey data collected in 2005 at four locations across the South East of England to study the links between occupational and spatial mobility. Building on Fielding’s escalator region hypothesis, as well as later research on return migration flows to the English regions by Champion, this paper reports on recent research on longer distance flows out of the UK’s ‘escalator region’. It advances the existing critique of the escalator region hypothesis set out by Findlay et al (2003) and asks why the Scots population of London is dropping during a decade when opportunities for occupational mobility into the professional and managerial classes were so good.