Peloe A, Rees P, Philips D. The Spatial Dynamics of Britain's Ethnic Communities: Estimating the Changing Ethnic Geography of London, 1981-1991. Leeds: University of Leeds; 1998.

This working paper presents the concepts, methodology and results from a project seeking to produce population estimates for the different ethnic groups of London's Boroughs for the year 1981. Ethnicity is explained as a conceptual framework, methodology and results are described, and an analysis of change over the period 1981 to 1991 is undertaken. Estimates are produced using three different methodologies and various data sources: the 1991 Census Local Base Statistics, the 1991 Individual Sample of Anonymised Records, and the 1981 Longitudinal Study. It is concluded that a combination of data sets and methodologies will provide more satisfactory results. The analysis of results generated by the estimation routines will inform a second stage of estimation routines, which will build on the first.