ONS Longitudinal Study series

Most of these volumes are now out of print but you may consult them at CeLSIUS premises if you wish.

LS Series No. 1. Fox, A.J. and Goldblatt, P.O. (1982) 1971-1975 Longitudinal Study: socio-demographic mortality differentials.

LS Series No. 2. Fox, A.J. (1982) 1971-1977 Longitudinal Study: Social class and occupational mortality.

LS Series No. 3. Leon, D. (1988) The Social Distribution of Cancer.

LS Series No. 4. Grundy, E. (1989) Women's migration: marriage, fertility and divorce.

LS Series No. 5. Kogevinas M. (1990) Longitudinal Study: Socio-demographic differences in cancer survival.

LS Series No. 6. Goldblatt, P. et al. (1990) Mortality and Social Organisation.

LS Series No. 7. Hattersley, L. and Creeser, R. (1995) The Longitudinal Study, 1971-1991: History, Organisation and Quality of data. Also known informally as "The Technical Volume" and as "The Orange Book".

LS Series No. 8. Dale, A., Williams, M. and Dodgeon, B. (1996) Housing Deprivation and Social Change.

LS Series No. 9. Creeser, R. and Gleave, S. (eds) (2000) Migration within England and Wales using the ONS Longitudinal Study.

LS Series No. 10. Blackwell, L., Lynch, K., Smith, J. and Goldblatt, P. (2003) Longitudinal Study 1971-2001: Completeness of Census Linkage. Summary of key points

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