Solo living and life course change 1991 - 2001

Malcolm Williams, Moira Maconachie, Joan Chandler and Lawrence Ware, University of Plymouth and Brian Dodgeon, Institute of Education

[Project number 30046]

The research expands and develops the findings of the work conducted by Williams, Chandler, Maconachie, Dodgeon and Collett using 1971 -1991 LS data. This was a baseline study of living alone amongst persons aged between 15 and 65. The proposed research will incorporate 2001 LS data focussing particularly on life course change and gender difference. Analyses will compare age cohorts within the sample and will examine the relationships between household types and gender, marital status, economic activity, housing tenure, limiting long term illness, permanent sickness, geographical location, ethnicity, shared accommodation and social class. The longitudinal results from 1991-2001 can then be cross sectionally compared with those from the previous study. Thus, the proposed research is a continuation of the previous work.

The study is wholly based on the LS. The LS is the only data set that can provide longitudinal data for a large sample in England and Wales