Migration at older ages in England and Wales 1966-2003

Steve Smallwood and Zoe Uren, Office for National Statistics

[Project number 20107]

The data will be used to report on the population movement of older people. Results will be quantified for different time periods and for movement across time periods. If the findings are of sufficient interest they will be presented in an article, possibly for Population Trends.

Movements will be derived from census data (1 and 5 years at 1971, elsewhere at 1 year), 10 year migration as recorded by the LS and from analysis of the recently acquired NHS Chris dump data. They will be analysed by a number of socio/demographic factors recorded at census : economic position, marital/partner status, household composition, ethnicity & birth outside UK, and in the latter years limiting long standing illness and self reported health (2001 only).
Initially this study will be carried out as part of the Alpha/Beta testing of NHSCR chris dump data (posting changes recorded on NHS systems) and may be extended.

Within the Demographic Analysis Branch in the ONS Centre for Demography, ageing is key research theme. To inform this area, understanding migration at older ages has been identified as one area for research.

In addition the results will also be preparation for and help in the decision making on a larger research project where a bid is being made under the ESRC New Dynamics of Ageing programme.