Ethnic differences in cardiovascular disease

Peter Scarborough, Prachi Bhatnagar, Asha Kaur, University of Oxford

[Project number 30121]

We are producing a descriptive statistical compendium on ethnic differences in cardiovascular disease (CVD), for health professionals and lay people, to detail how the burden of CVD is distributed differently by ethnic group in the United Kingdom. Mortality, morbidity, treatment and risk factors will be covered.

Tables of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and stroke mortality rates by ethnicity and sex will be used to describe the burden of these conditions by ethnicity. These will go into a compendium aiming to simply describe ethnic differences in cardiovascular disease. This compendium is a supplement to a general coronary heart disease statistics compendium, produced annually. Previous compendiums can be found at . Supplements are produced every year, and this will be the first one focusing on ethnicity; previous examples of supplements include 'Regional and social differences in coronary heart disease'. The compendiums are produced as part of a larger coronary heart disease statistics group, aiming to describe the burden of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors