To what extent are minority ethnic groups involved in cancer clinical research as research subjects?

Allyson Pollock, Sylvia Godden and Sue Kerrison, University College London NHS Foundation Trust

[No project number as used data extracted for earlier project]

The aim of this project is to ascertain the level of involvement of minority ethnic groups in cancer clinical research, identify any barriers to their involvement and recommend practical measures to increase participation.

We will profile and compare the ethnicity of three populations:

1. Ethnicity of subjects in the UCLH cancer research trials and projects recorded on the Research and Development database for main cancer tumour types.

2. Ethnicity of the population of all those admitted to UCLH with first diagnosis of cancer by main tumour types.

3. Ethnicity of those in a comparator population. i.e. cancer registrations by those with the same cancer tumour types.

LS data would contribute to no. 3 above.

We contacted the Thames Cancer Registry to see if they could provide cancer registration data by ethnicity, but this is not well recorded as ethnicity is not a mandatory field in the cancer minimum data set. Another possible data source was identified, ONS mortality data, but this does not include ethnicity.

After some initial enquiries to the LS, this was identified as a possible source.