Migration into, within and from the Hull and East Riding ('Gateway') Housing Market Renewal pathfinder area

John Munson, Kingston upon Hull City Council

[Project number 20082]

The data will be used to help develop understanding of housing market dynamics in the Hull and East Riding Pathfinder Area by increasing understanding of the pattern of migration and of the relationships between changes in housing type and location and changes in people's economic and family circumstances.

The Pathfinder is one of nine being established by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in areas of northern England and the Midlands which have been identified as suffering from failing housing markets/low demand, indicated by high levels of vacancy/abandonment, hard-to-let public sector housing stock and low private sector house prices. These characteristics are often associated with falling population as a result of net out-migration. In Hull's case, the City has experienced long-term 'population drift' into nearby areas of the East Riding of Yorkshire, which became particularly rapid in the late 1990s. The Pathfinder aims to stabilise the City's population and re-invigorate local housing markets; developing an understanding of migration patterns and their drivers will help to devise effective measures to achieve these objectives.

Use of the LS will allow individuals' circumstances (housing, economic and family) and locations in 1991 and 2001 to be compared and thus provide a longer-term perspective on migration than is provided by the Census SWS, which only cover migration in the single year before the Census.