Intergenerational social mobility and health inequalities

Hugh Markowe, Department of Health and Peter Goldblatt, Office for National Statistics

[Project number 20097]

This project will use LS data to generate new understanding of the inter-generational transmission of health inequalities. The research builds on recent analysis of intergenerational social mobility in the LS reported in Population Trends (Buxton et al, Autumn 2005).

The thirty year span of the LS permits cohort the analysis of inter-generational continuity and change. Results on inter-generational social mobility will form the basis for the analysis of ill health to address questions such as:

  • The extent to which health inequalities, based on an individual's social position, can be explained by their parents' social class; and
  • The extent to which health inequalities, based on parents' social class, are altered by an individual's own attainment.

The LS is unique in permitting inter-generational comparisons on this scale.