One person households in inner London 2001

Ray Hall and Philip Ogden, Queen Mary, University of London

[Project number 30073]

The data in this project will be used to update previous work on one person households published in Environment and Planning A 2003, The rise of living alone in Inner London: trends among the population of working age (Ray Hall and Philip Ogden). The aim of the present study is to examine the changes in the numbers and characteristics of people living alone in Inner London since 1991. This is to establish the extent to which trends identified in 1991 have continued and developed over the decade.

In addition, the data will be valuable in increasing our understanding of the changing nature of one person households as part of our role in a research project concerned primarily with central and eastern European cities but where we are providing a west European perspective and context (Socio-spatial consequences of demographic change for East Central European Cities funded by the Volkswagen Foundation).

The previous work on households was part of an ESRC-funded project (grant L31553011) under the population and Household Change Research Programme ten years ago. We have also examined household change in French cities and more recently other European cities in the EU 5th Framework Programme in a project concerned with reurbanisation.