Extending multilevel modelling of geographical variations in female labour force participation, 1971-2001

Myles Gould, University of Leeds, and Kelvyn Jones and Mark Rowley, University of Bristol

[Project number 30042]

In an earlier study, Ward and Dale (1992) examined the geographical variations in female participation. Jones (1994) extended this by allowing for a geography of participation differentiated by life-cycle. Both of these papers used multilevel logit models. We have already undertaken considerable analysis with data for 1971-1981-1991 and obtained through CeLSIUS' predecessor (CLS). The ongoing project extends this work and updates it by considering 2001 patterns, and also explores change over time: 1971-1981-1991-2001.

Jones K (1994) "Multi-level modelling with area level data in the LS" in: R Creeser, Analysis Issues in the LS, LS User Guide No. 12, SSRU, City University, London, pp 15-34.
Ward C & Dale A (1992) "Geographical Variation in Female Labour Force Participation: An Application of Multilevel Modelling", Regional Studies 25, pp 243-255.

The proposed study aims to extend the previous analyses by:

1. Examining full, part-time and self- employment and no participation using multinomial multilevel models.
2. Exploit the repeated cross-sectional census data contained in the LS and use it to examine geographical variations over time by fitting a series of multilevel models (ie for 1971, 1981, 1991, and also now 2001).
3. Assess the extent of variations in employment participation with levels of higher qualifications.