Intergenerational patterns of migration in the UK

Jamie Goodwin-White, Corrado Giulietti and James Raymer, University of Southampton

[Project number 30061]

The data will be used in regression models of internal migration in England and Wales, comparing the socioeconomic and demographic determinants of the migration patterns of immigrants, natives, and the adult second generation (those born in the UK to immigrant parent or parents) and how they change over time. Ethnicity, social class, and measures of occupation or education are the key determinants we are interested in. We would also like to examine the determinants of destination choice at a county/unitary authority level (hopefully also with some distinction of inner/outer boroughs for London, as well as London periphery areas), investigating the determinants of moves between different types of places (regions, local authorities, or clusters of LAs).

The data will be used for part of a larger study that looks at identifying connections between immigration and internal migration in the UK. The project is funded by the University of Southampton, and is co-directed by Dr. James Raymer. Dr. Raymer's work investigates the aggregate patterns of internal migration for immigrants and natives by ethnicity. The part of the study for which I am applying to use LS data will focus on identifying the individual-level determinants of these aggregate patterns. In addition, I seek to understand how internal migration and its relation to socioeconomic and demographic characteristics changes intergenerationally, such that it is possible to examine whether the determinants of internal migration and destination choice are similar or different for immigrants and the second generation. The results will be presented in aggregate regression models and no individual information will be presented.