Inter-cohort trends in intergenerational mobility in England 1960-1990: income, status, and class (InTIME)


Franz Buscha, University of Westminster and Patrick Sturgis, University of Southampton

[Project number 30148]

This project is the core of an ESRC submission by the University of Southampton and the University of Westminster (in April 2012) with the aim to examine whether social mobility has changed over time. It is an evolution of the current ONS-LS project 30139 by the same authors. We will analyse LS data to examine whether the association between origin and destination has changed in the various censuses [1971, 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011]. It is important to note that we also hope to analyse the 2011 data. The analysis we aim to undertake will be of a econometric nature.

This submission seeks 'pre-approval' for this type of analysis to be undertaken so that appropriate guarantees and risk minimisation documents can be supplied to the ESRC in April 2012.