Changes in the socio economic background of children

Stephen Bond and Sarah Williams, Office for National Statistics

[Project number 20106]

The data will be used to assess the extent to which children aged under 6 in the 1991 Census live with the same parents in the 2001 Census, and the extent to which adults (in 10 year age bands: 16 - 25, 26 - 35, and 36 - 45) have changed their socio-economic status in the same time period.

This information is needed to inform a decision to be made in a project sponsored by RNOAD division of ONS which is looking into creating cross cutting indicators for publication on the NeSS web site. The first indicator we aim to create is proportion of 16 year olds attaining 5 or more GCSEs grade A* to E by the child's parent's socio economic status (NSSEC). The decision that we need to make is whether to match the DfES's National Pupil Database which contains attainment with either the 2001 Census or the LFS. If we use the latter, then this will track changes in parental NSSEC over time (due to family breakdowns or parents changing occupation), if we use the former, then the parental NSSEC will be as recorded on census night. There are also technical matching difficulties associated with each option.