The educational attainments of ethnic minorities in the UK and USA: the role of neighbourhood contexts

Vikki Boliver, University of Oxford

[Project number 30075]

The requested data will be used to examine the effects of neighbourhood contextual variables on the educational and labour market attainments of ethnic minorities born in Britain to foreign-born parents in comparison with their White British peers. The study will focus on the transitions made by young people into further and higher education (including transitions into qualitatively different 'tracks' at these levels) and into the labour market. The study will focus in particular on the impact of neighbourhood characteristics on these transitions, including the socio-economic and ethnic mix of young people's neighbourhood environments when they were growing up.

This project will contribute to a larger cross-nationally comparative research project that seeks to compare the educational attainments of second generation immigrant groups relative to their native-born white peers in six countries: the UK, USA, France, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. This larger project is entitled Children of Immigrants in Schools, and is funded on the European side by the Nuffield Foundation and on the American side by the Social Sciences Research Council. My contribution to the project will be to compare the UK and USA with regard to the processes by which individuals are sorted into different educational and labour market trajectories at the end of compulsory schooling.