Claimant count cohort data: beta test proposals

Karl Ashworth and Angela Antonatos, Office for National Statistics

[Project number 20089]

The Claimant Count Cohort (CCC) data have been appended to the LS covering the periods 1994 - 2004. These cover all unemployment benefit (UB/IS/JSA) claims made by LS members between these years. Alpha testing is planned for August/September of this year, and the proposals outlined below constitute the beta testing phase of the project.

Two sets of tests are planned to operate concurrently, one in Newport and one in London. However, the plan scheduled for Newport is dependent upon the successful interim achievement of a project aimed at enabling access to the LS in Newport, so it will only be able to start conditional upon this.

One plan aims to explore unemployment experiences at the beginning and end of the working life. Young people's experiences of unemployment will be explored taking into account their parents' history as well as their own characteristics using data from the LS. Older people's experiences throughout earlier phases of the life course will be used to explore their experiences of unemployment towards the end of their working life.

A second project will explore movements into unemployment dependent upon health status in 1991 and will account for health status in 2001. These multistate transitions will explore the joint relationship between unemployment and health.

Both projects will use event history techniques to explore transitions out of unemployment. In addition, the possibility of using geographic data will be explored through taking a multilevel approach.

A fundamental objective of the testing is to demonstrate the synergism arising from the fusion of the two data-sets. LS data provide valuable historical data about individuals and their families and help us to understand issues affecting the chances of unemployment arising from say, the intra-familial transmission of deprivation and the long-term consequences of early experiences.