Life expectancies and probability of survival by social class and mortality rates by social class and cause of death, 1972-2002

Bola Akinwale, Office for National Statistics

[Project number 20075]

The study of social inequalities in mortality is of substantial policy relevance, for government departments, health and social policy-makers, to inform the debate on pensions and the care of an ageing population.

Following consultation with GAD, this work will review methodologies used, and aims to replicate and enhance work by Hattersley and Donkin et al by adding the most recent mortality data and developing the methodology used. This is phase one of an LS Development Team programme of research on health outcomes, which will allow us to develop our understanding of the covariates of health and longevity, and advise users in studies of mortality.

This project will exploit the linkage of census information and death registrations, and the substantial sample sizes in the LS. The prospective analysis of inequalities in mortality based individual characteristics some years before death provides a sound basis for detailed examination of mortality by cause by taking into account lifecourse influences.

Analysis of the most recent deaths data permits the continued monitoring of inequalities in mortality to inform a range of policy questions.