Classification: SOCLASS71
Short name: SOCLASS71
Full name: Social Class 1971
General description: This classification is the Registrar General’s Social Class (RGSC) which groups individuals in a graded hierarchy of occupations according to skill, for 1971. Jobs and job-holders are assigned to a social class via a derivation table often called the ‘Census Matrix’ look-up table. The derivation of RGSC depends upon the occupational unit group and the classification of employment status at a given time.
In general each occupational group is assigned as a whole to a social class but there are certain exceptions. In 1971 the rules for classification specified that
a) each occupation is given a basic Social Class
b) persons of foreman status whose basic Social Class is IV or V are are allotted Social Class III
c) persons of manager status are allocated either to Social Class II or III, the latter applying if basic class is IV or V, except those in occupation groups 003, 004 and 006 who are allocated Social Class II.
LS description:
Keyword: Socio-economic
Start date: Census 1971
References: Hattersley, Lin and Rosemary Creeser (1995) ‘Appendix IV 1971 Census: definitions and concepts (reproduced from Census 1971, England and Wales, General Report part 1, Definitions)’ in Longitudinal Study 1971-1991 History, organisation and quality of data. London: OPCS
Equivalent classifications: SOCLASS81