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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
CORENONM91xUnique identifier of the LS member.Y
NNM91xNumber of record in table.Y
NDOBDY9NM91xDate of birth (Day). 1991.Y
NDOBMT9NM91xDate of birth (Month). 1991.Y
NEDCODE9NM91x1991 Census Enumeration District.Y
NFORMNM9NM91xForm number. 1991.Y
NSOACOD9NM91xScottish Output Area Code. 1991.Y
NTERMDT9NM91xTerm time address indicator (10%). 1991.Y
NTERMTN9NM91xTerm-time address (10%). 1991.Y
NURESDT9NM91xUsual address. 1991.Y
NURONAR9NM91xArea code of address one year ago. 1991.Y
NURONDT9NM91xPostcode of usual address one year ago. 1991.Y
NWPLADT9NM91xWorkplace postcode. 1991.Y
NWRD1YA9NM91xWard of usual address one year ago. 1991.Y
NWRDUAE9NM91xWard of usual address. 1991.Y