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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
CORENONM81Unique identifier of the LS member.N
HHPERNONM81Person number within household.N
NNM81Number of record in table.N
NAGE8NM81Age. 1981.N
NBYR48NM81Year of birth of non-LS Member. 1981.N
NCC1YA8NM81City centre of residence 1 year ago. 1981.N
NCCUA8NM81City centre and new town of residence. 1981.N
NCOB8NM81Country of birth . 1981.N
NCODI1Y8NM81County District of residence. 1981.N
NDEPCHN8NM81Dependent child indicator. 1981.N
NDIUA8NM81Expanded area code of residence - county district. 1981.N
NECONAC8NM81Economic activity. 1981.N
NFANUM8NM81Family number. 1981.N
NFHIND8NM81Head of LS Family indicator. 1981.N
NHIQAL8NM81Highest qualification . 1981.N
NHOHIND8NM81Head of Household indicator. 1981.N
NHRC8NM81HCA relationship code (relationship to first person on census schedule). 1981.N
NIND8NM81Industry. 1981.N
NINDESZ8NM81Establishment class. 1981.N
NLSRELT8NM81Relationship of non-LS member to LS member. 1981.N
NMARST8NM81Marital status. 1981.N
NOCO8NM81Occupation order. 1981.N
NOPOCC8NM81Operational occupation code (census). 1981.N
NOPOCST8NM81Operational occupation code (stats). 1981.N
NOROCNF8NM81Order on census file. 1981.N
NPAC1YA8NM81Partnership area code of residence one year ago. 1981.N
NPACUA8NM81Partnership area code of residence. 1981.N
NQMLVHQ8NM81Level of highest qualification. 1981.N
NRELAT8NM81HCA new relationship code (relationship of head of enumerated's family to first person on census schedule). 1981.N
NSEG8NM81Socio-economic group. 1981.N
NSEX8NM81Sex. 1981.N
NSOC8NM81Social class. 1981.N
NSTATUS8NM81Employment status. 1981.N
NTEMST8NM81Expanded employment status. 1981.N
NURESID8NM81Usual address indicator. 1981.N
NURONOR8NM81Usual address one year ago . 1981.N
NWELSH8NM81Welsh/gaelic speaking indicator. 1981.N
NWERABO8NM81Whereabouts on census night. 1981.N
NWMFHID8NM81Wife or mother of LS family. 1981.N
RECTYPENM81Record type.N