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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
CDIST0NM01xCensus district code. 2001.Y
CORENONM01xUnique identifier of the LS member.Y
EDCODE0NM01xEnumeration district keyed. 2001.Y
EVENTORDNM01xEvent order for this event and this LS member.Y
FORMNO0NM01xForm number. 2001.Y
LSCDNM01xCheck digit. 2001.Y
NCASOC20NM01xSOC 2000 as coded by CASOCY
NCSCORE0NM01xCASOC score. 2001.Y
NDOBDY0NM01xDay of birth. 2001.Y
NDOBMT0NM01xMonth of birth. 2001.Y
NMCNTPRENM01xMissing count pre edit - person. 2001.Y
NMCNTPSENM01xMissing count post edit - person. 2001.Y
NMIGPCIMNM01xUsual address postcode 1 year ago imputation indicator. 2001.Y
NMIGPCP0NM01xPostcode of address 1 year ago. 2001.Y
NMOAP0NM01xOutput area migrant origin. 2001.Y
NOACODE0NM01xOutput area. 2001.Y
NTOAP0NM01xTravel destination output area code. 2001.Y
NWPOP0NM01xWorkplace postcode. 2001.Y
NWPOPIMPNM01xWorkplace postcode imputation indicator. 2001.Y
WARD0NM01xWard 2001.Y