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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
CORENOME91xUnique identifier of the LS member.Y
DOBDY9ME91xDate of birth (Day). 1991.AgeY
DOBMT9ME91xDate of birth (Month). 1991.AgeY
EDCODE9ME91x1991 Census Enumeration District.Y
ENUMPC9ME91xPostcode of enumeration of LS member. 1991.Y
FORMNUM9ME91xForm number. 1991.LS CommunalY
NME91xNumber of record in table.Y
NHSNO39ME91xLS member's NHS number - 1st three characters. 1991.LSY
SOACODE9ME91xScottish Output Area Code. 1991.GeogY
TERMDET9ME91xStudent's term-time address. 1991.Y
TERMTEN9ME91xTerm time address (10%). 1991.Y
URESDET9ME91xUsual address. 1991.FamilyY
URONARE9ME91xArea code of address one year ago. 1991.GeogY
URONDET9ME91xPostcode of usual address one year ago. 1991.GeogY
WPLADET9ME91xWorkplace postcode. 1991.Occupation GeogY
WRD1YEA9ME91xWard of usual address one year ago. 1991GeogY
WRDUAEA9ME91xWard of usual address. 1991.GeogY