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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
AREACNH8ME81xArea code of address in 1939. 1981GeogY
BDY8ME81xDay of birth. 1981.AgeY
BMT8ME81xMonth of birth. 1981.Y
BUBRUA8ME81xONS building brick. 1981.Y
CORENOME81xUnique identifier of the LS member.Y
DIEN8ME81xEnumeration District. 1981.GeogY
FORMNO8ME81xForm number. 1981.LSY
NME81xNumber of record in table.Y
NHSC8ME81x1939 NHS code. 1981.GeogY
PRUNO8ME81xProcessing unit number. 1981.LSY
RECTYPEME81xRecord type. 1981 CensusY
SERNO8ME81xSerial number of person on form. 1981.Y
WARD1YA8ME81xWard of usual address one year ago. 1981.GeogY
WARDEN8ME81xWard of enumeration. 1981.GeogY
WARDUA8ME81xWard of usual residence (statistics code). 1981.GeogY