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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
BUBR7ME71xONS building brick for usual address. 1971.GeogY
CORENOME71xUnique identifier of the LS member.Y
GREF7ME71xGrid reference - Easting. 1971.GeogY
GREFN7ME71xGrid reference - Northing. 1971.GeogY
M1WARD7ME71xWard of usual residence one year ago. 1971.GeogY
M5WARD7ME71xWard of usual residence five years ago. 1971.GeogY
TYPEIND7ME71xRecord type: Private/Fertility/Qualifications Indicator. 1971.LSY
URWARD7ME71xWard of usual residence. 1971.Y
WKWARD7ME71xWard of workplace. 1971Occupation GeogY