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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
CARETR0ME01xCare trust. 2001.Y
CASOC20ME01xSOC 2000 as coded by CASOCY
CDIST0ME01xCensus district code. 2001.Y
CORENOME01xUnique identifier of the LS member.Y
CSCORE0ME01xCASOC score. 2001.Y
DOBDY0ME01xDay of birth. 2001.Y
DOBMT0ME01xMonth of birth. 2001.Y
DWELNOH0ME01xDwelling number. 2001.Y
EASTING0ME01xEastings. 2001.Y
EDCODE0ME01xEnumeration district keyed. 2001.Y
ENUMPC0ME01xEnumeration postcode. 2001.Y
ESTACODEME01xEstimation area code. 2001.Y
FEASTNG0ME01xFinal Eastings. 2001.Y
FNTHNG0ME01xFinal Northings. 2001.Y
FORMNO0ME01xForm number. 2001.Y
FPARCD0ME01xFinal Parish code - 2003.Y
FPC0ME01xFinal Postcode. 2001.Y
FWDCD0ME01xFinal ward code - 2003.Y
FWPOP0ME01xFinal 2003 workplace postcode. 2001.Y
LSCDME01xLS number check digit.Y
LSCD01ME01x2001 LS number check digit.Y
LSNO01ME01x2001 LS number.Y
MCNTPREHME01xMissing count pre edit - household. 2001.Y
MCNTPREPME01xMissing count pre edit - person. 2001.Y
MCNTPSEHME01xMissing count post edit - household. 2001.Y
MCNTPSEPME01xMissing count post edit - person. 2001.Y
MEMH0ME01xCompletion of household members table. 2001.Y
MIGPCIMPME01xPostcode of address 1 year ago imputation indicator. 2001.Y
MIGPCP0ME01xPostcode of address 1 year ago. 2001.Y
MOAP0ME01xOutput area migrant origin. 2001.Y
NTHINGS0ME01xNorthings. 2001.Y
NUTS50ME01xNomenclature of units for territorial statistics (NUTS) level 5. 2001.Y
OACODE0ME01xOutput area. 2001.Y
PARCD10ME01x2001 Parish code.Y
POSTING0ME01xPosting at census day. 2001.Y
PRIMCG0ME01xPrimary care group. 2001.GeogY
PRIMCT0ME01xPrimary care trust. 2001.GeogY
SPDEXI0ME01xSpatial data extraction indicator. 2001.Y
SPIKEINDME01xArea identifier change indicator. 2001.GeogY
TOAP0ME01xTravel destination output area code. 2001.Y
URAREA0ME01xUrban area. 2001.GeogY
WARD0ME01xWard 2001.Y
WDCD10ME01x2001 ward code.Y
WPOP0ME01xWorkplace postcode. 2001.Y
WPOPIMPME01xWorkplace postcode imputation indicator. 2001.Y