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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
AHAEIRIMMGArea Health Authority within Regional Health Authority.GeogN
BUBREIRIMMGONS building brick (part of expanded area code).GeogN
COEIRIMMGCounty of usual residence.GeogN
CORENOIMMGUnique identifier of the LS member.N
DHAEIRIMMGDistrict Health Authority of usual residence.GeogN
DIEIRIMMGCounty District of usual residence.GeogN
EVDYBIRIMMGDay of entry.AgeN
EVMTBIRIMMGMonth of entry.AgeN
EVYRBIRIMMGYear of entry.AgeN
HDEIRIMMGHealth District of usual address.GeogN
IMSEXIRIMMGImputed sex indicator.SexN
IRCSAIRIMMGImmigrant type code.LSN
LTINDIMMGLate Trace Indicator.LSN
NIMMGNumber of record in table.N
NETOEIRIMMGNew Town of usual addressGeogN
PCIMINIRIMMGPostcode imputation indicatorGeogN
RECTYPEIMMGLS member's 'Immigrant/Re-entrant to the NHS' record.LSN
RHAEIRIMMGRegional Health Authority of usual address.GeogN
SABIYRIRIMMGLS member's date of birth (where discrepant) - YearAgeN
SEXIRIMMGSex of LS member (where discrepant).SexN
STRGXEIRIMMGStandard region of usual address.GeogN