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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
CORENOENLSUnique identifier of the LS member.N
EVDYDELENLSEvent details - day of occurrence.LSN
EVENTORDENLSEvent order for this event and this LS member.N
EVMTDELENLSEvent details - month of occurrence.LSN
EVYRDELENLSEvent details - year of occurrence.LSN
IMSEXELENLSImputed sex indicator.N
NENLSNumber of record in table.N
RECTYPEENLSLS member Enlistment record.LSN
SABIYRELENLSLS member's date of birth (where discrepant) - yearAgeN
SEXLSAELENLSSex (where discrepant).SexN