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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
CORENOEMBRUnique identifier of the LS member.N
EVDYEEMEMBREvent day (Occurrence).LSN
EVENTORDEMBREvent order for this event and this LS member.N
EVMTEEMEMBREvent month (Occurrence).LSN
EVYREEMEMBREvent year (Occurrence).LSN
IMSEXEMEMBRImputed sex indicator.N
NEMBRNumber of record in table.N
RECTYPEEMBRLS member's Embarkation record.LSN
SABIYREMEMBRLS member's date of birth (where discrepant) - yearAgeN
SEXLSAEMEMBRSex (where discrepant).SexN