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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
BRD1CORE1Number of Livebirths in 1st Decade.N
BRD2CORE1Number of Livebirths in 2nd Decade.N
BRD3CORE1Number of Livebirths in 3rd Decade.N
BRD4CORE1Number of Livebirths in 4th Decade.N
CORENOCORE1Unique identifier of the LS member.N
DBIRCORE1Decade of Birth.N
DDETCORE1Decade of Death.N
DELINDCORE1Deletion Indicator - Tracing Exercise.N
DEMBCORE1Decade of 1st Embarkation.N
DFBRCORE1Decade of 1st LivebirthN
DMIGCORE1Decade of Migration.N
DOBD001CORE11st indicator of discrepant date of birth.N
DOBD002CORE12nd indicator of discrepant date of birth.N
DOBD003CORE13rd indicator of discrepant date of birth.N
DOBD004CORE14th indicator of discrepant date of birth.N
DOBD005CORE15th indicator of discrepant date of birth.N
DOBD006CORE16th indicator of discrepant date of birth.N
DOBYRCORE1Year of birth of LS member.AgeN
EMBD1CORE1Number of 1st Decade Embarkation.N
EMBD2CORE1Number of 2nd Decade Embarkation.N
EMBD3CORE1Number of 3rd Decade Embarkation.N
EMBD4CORE1Number of 4th Decade Embarkation.N
HISCEN01CORE1Present at 2001 Census indicatorTracingN
HISCEN71CORE1Present at 1971 Census indicator - LS member.TracingN
HISCEN81CORE1Present at 1981 Census indicator - LS member.TracingN
HISCEN91CORE1Present at 1991 Census indicatorTracingN
HISTRACECORE1LS member traced/late traced/no trace indicator at 1981 Census.TracingN
MULTNOCORE1Identifier for Multiple CCC Claimants who have the same LSNOCCCN
NCORE1Number of record in table.N
POBINDCORE1Source of place of birth/place of enumeration information in POBPOB indicatorGeogN
POBPOBCORE1County & county district of address of place of birth/ enumeration in 1939GeogN
REND1CORE1Number of 1st decade Re-entriesN
REND2CORE1Number of 2nd decade Re-entriesN
REND3CORE1Number of 3rd decade Re-entriesN
REND4CORE1Number of 4th decade Re-entriesN
SCOTINDCORE1LS Member moved to Scotland Indicator.N
SEXCORE1Sex of LS member.SexN
SEXD001CORE1Discrepant sex indicator (first).N
SEXD002CORE1Discrepant sex indicator (second).N
SEXD003CORE1Discrepant sex indicator (third).N
SEXD004CORE1Discrepant sex indicator (fourth).N
SEXD005CORE1Discrepant sex indicator (fifth).N
SEXD006CORE1Discrepant sex indicator (sixth).N
TRACECORE1Trace Indicator.N
TRACE81CORE11981 Census Tracing History Indicator.TracingN
TRACE91CORE11991 Census Tracing History Indicator.TracingN