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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
BIDYBCCCANCxLS member day of birth (where date discrepant) - Any cancer.AgeY
BIMTBCCCANCxLS member month of birth (where date discrepant) - Any cancer.AgeY
BUBRCCCANCxBuilding Brick 1971-1981 (part of expanded area code).GeogY
CORENOCANCxUnique identifier of the LS member.Y
EVENTORDCANCxEvent order for this event and this LS member.Y
NCANCxNumber of record in table.Y
PCUSRDCCCANCxPostcode of usual residence (1985 onwards)GeogY
RESNOACCCANCxRegistration details - serial number.RegistrarY
SPDICCCANCxNHS DHA code (part of expanded area code) (1981 2nd Decade - 1986)GeogY