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AGACCCANCAge at registration of cancer - 1st cancer (1971-89).AgeN
AGDIAGCCCANCAge at Diagnosis (1993 onwards, or any late notifications for 1982+ processed on Model 204).AgeN
AHACCCANCArea Health Authority within Regional Health Authority (1971 - 1981).GeogN
AVDDYACCCANCDay of first cancer (Anniversary day for any cancer).DiagnosisN
AVDMTACCCANCMonth of first cancer (Anniversary month for any cancer).DiagnosisN
AVDYRACCCANCYear of first cancer (Anniversary year for any cancer).DiagnosisN
BASDIACCCANCBasis of Diagnosis (1993 onwards).DiagnosisN
BEHA10CCCANCBehaviour of growth ICD-O2DiagnosisN
BEHAVCCCANCBehaviour of growth ICD-ODiagnosisN
BIYRBCCCANCLS member year of birth (where date discrepant) - Any cancer.AgeN
COCCCANCCounty (1971-1992): part of expanded area code.GeogN
CORENOCANCUnique identifier of the LS member.N
DCOCCCANCDeath Certificate only (1993 onwards).RegistrarN
DEDREGCCCANCDead on Registration (1993 onwards, or late notifications from earlier years).RegistrarN
DEDYACCCANCDay of death or exit from NHS (from cancer registration).AgeN
DEMTACCCANCMonth of death or exit from NHS (from cancer registration).AgeN
DEYRACCCANCYear of death or exit from NHS (from cancer registration).AgeN
DHACCCANCDistrict Health Authority (part of expanded area code).GeogN
DI93CCCANCCounty District of usual residence (1993 onwards).GeogN
DICCCANCCounty District (1971 - 1992) part of expanded area code.GeogN
DOEXITCCCANCDate of exit from NHS (1993 onwards).LSN
DORENTCCCANCDate of re-entry into NHS (1993 onwards).LSN
DUACCCANCDuration of survival: any cancer 1971-1989.DiagnosisN
EDATECCCANCEvent date.RegistrarN
ETHNICCCCANCEthnic Origin (1993 onwards).EthnicN
EVENTORDCANCEvent order for this event and this LS member.N
GORCCCANCGovernment Office RegionGeogN
GRADECCCANCGrade of differentiation of tumour cells, 1993+ (with phased introduction).DiagnosisN
HD93CCCANCHealth District of Usual residence (1993 onwards).GeogN
HDCCCANCHealth District (1971 - 1981) (part of expanded area code).GeogN
HROC8CCCANCLS member's father/husband - occupation (1981-1990)OccupationN
HROC9CCCANCOccupation of Husband/Father (1991 onwards)OccupationN
HROCCCCANCLS member's husband/father - Occupation (1971-81)OccupationN
HRRTINCCCANCLS member's husband/father - retired indicator (1971 - 1981).OccupationN
HRSC8CCCANCLS member's father/husband - social class (1981 - 1990) as defined by occupation.Socio-economicN
HRSC9CCCANCSocial class of husband/father (1991 onwards).Socio-economicN
HRSCCCCANCLSM's husband/father - Social Class in 1st decade (1971 - 1981). Any cancer.Socio-economicN
HRSIN8CCCANCLS member's father/husband - occupational employment status (1981 - 1990).OccupationN
HRSIN9CCCANCEmployment status of Husband/Father, Mother or Guardian (1991 onwards).Socio-economicN
HRSSINCCCANCLSM's husband/father - employment status in 1st decade (1971 - 1981). Any cancer.Socio-economicN
HRTIN8CCCANCLS member's father/husband - retirement indicator (1981 - 1990).OccupationN
HRYI8CCCANCLS member's husband/father - industry (1981 onwards).OccupationN
HRYICCCANCLS member's husband/father - Industry in 1st decade (1971 - 1980). Any cancer.OccupationN
ICCS3BCCCANCSite of growth ICD8DiagnosisN
ICCSXBCCCANCSubsite of growth ICD8DiagnosisN
IDBINDCCCANCIndefinite date of birth Indicator (1990 onwards).AgeN
MARSTCCCANCMarital Status (1993 onwards).MaritalN
MLFLCCCANCMultiple flag (1979 - 1989).DiagnosisN
NCANCNumber of record in table.N
NETOCCCANCNew Town (1971 - 1985) - part of expanded area code.GeogN
NHSDHCCCANCNHS DHA code (1987 - 1992) - part of expanded area codeGeogN
NOREGCCCANCNumber of registrations (1993 onwards)DiagnosisN
OCC8CCCANCLS member's occupation (1981 - 1990: 2nd decade)OccupationN
OCC9CCCANCLS member's occupation (1991 onwards)OccupationN
OCCCCANCLS member's occupation (1971 - 1981: 1st decade)OccupationN
OCDTIYCCCANCLS Member's Industry in 1st decade (71-81) - Any cancer.OccupationN
OCDTS8CCCANCLS member's occupational status (1981 - 1990: 2nd decade).Socio-economicN
OCDTS9CCCANCLSM's Employment Status (1991 onwards).Socio-economicN
OCDTSSCCCANCLS member's employment status in 1st decade (1971 - 1981) - Any cancer.Socio-economicN
OCDTY8CCCANCLS member - Industry (1981 onwards).OccupationN
OCRTI8CCCANCLS member - retired indicator (1981-1990: 2nd decade)Socio-economicN
OCRTINCCCANCLS member - retired indicator (1971-1981: 1st decade)OccupationN
OCSC8CCCANCLS member - Social Class as defined by occupation (1981-1990: 2nd decade)Socio-economicN
OCSC9CCCANCSocial Class of LSM (1991 onwards)Socio-economicN
OCSCCCANCLS member - Social Class (1971-1981)Socio-economicN
PCZFLGCCCANCPostcode Z Flag (1993 onwards)GeogN
PLBICCCANCExpanded place of birth codeGeogN
RECNDCCCANCRegistry centre.GeogN
RECTYPECANCLS member's cancer record.LSN
REGSCRCCCANCRegistration at screening (1993 onwards).CancerN
RERGBCCCANCRegistry region.GeogN
REYRBCCCANCRegistration details - registration year.RegistrarN
RHACCCANCRegional Health Authority (1971-1992) - part of expanded area codeGeogN
RNOTRECCCANCReason not registered (1971-1978)DiagnosisN
SEG8CCCANCLS member - socio-economic group (1981-1990)Socio-economicN
SEG9CCCANCSocio-Economic Group of LSM (1991 onwards).Socio-economicN
SEGCCCANCLS member's socio-economic group: Any cancer 1979-1981.Socio-economicN
SEXLSCCCANCSex (where discrepant).SexN
SICD10CCCANCSubsite of growth ICD10.DiagnosisN
SICD1CCCANCSubsite of growth ICD9.DiagnosisN
SICD30CCCANCSite of growth ICD10.DiagnosisN
SIDC3CCCANCSite of growth ICD9.DiagnosisN
SIDECCCANCSide (1993 onwards)CancerN
SOC90HCCCANCSOC Occupation of husband father (1991 onwards).OccupationN
SOC90PCCCANCSOC Occupation of LSM (1991 onwards).OccupationN
SOCEMHCCCANCSOC Employment status of husband/father (1993 onwards).Socio-economicN
SOCEMPCCCANCSOC Employment status of LSM (1991 onwards).Socio-economicN
STAGECCCANCStage (1993 onwards, with phased implementation)CancerN
STATINCCCANCCancer status indicator (1990 onwards)CancerN
STRG93CCCANCStandard region of usual residence (1993 onwards)GeogN
STRGXCCCANCStandard region (1971 - 1992)GeogN
TICD10CCCANCHistology of growth ICD-O2N
TICDCCCANCHistology of growth ICD-ODiagnosisN
TRTCHECCCANCTreatment type - Chemotherapy (1993 onwards).TracingN
TRTHORCCCANCTreatment type - Hormonal (1993 onwards).TracingN
TRTOTHCCCANCTreatment type - Other (1993 onwards).TracingN
TRTRADCCCANCTreatment type - Radiotherapy (1993 onwards).TracingN
TRTSURCCCANCTreatment type - Surgery (1993 onwards).TracingN
TY1ACCCANCBehaviour of growth, OPCS Histological Classification of Malignant TumoursDiagnosisN
TY3ACCCANCHistology of growth, OPCS Histological Classification of Malignant TumoursDiagnosisN
VICCCANCVisit code - Any cancer 1971-1989 (not available for any late notifications processed under Model 204)CancerN