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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
IMSEXIRIMMGImputed sex indicator.SexN
SEXCORE1Sex of LS member.SexN
SEX7ME71Sex. 1971.SexN
SEX8ME81Sex. 1981.SexN
SEX9ME91Sex of LS member, where discrepant with Sex on Core file. 1991.SexN
SEXABFSBSFSex of birth to sample father.SexN
SEXABIMIDFISex of child born to sample father.SexN
SEXABMSBSMSex of foetus stillborn to female LS member.SexN
SEXADEDETHSex of LS member (from death registration), where discrepant.SexN
SEXADIMIDMISex of infant from death registration.SexN
SEXAWIWDOWSex of spouse of LS member (from death registration).SexN
SEXIRIMMGSex of LS member (where discrepant).SexN
SEXLSAELENLSSex (where discrepant).SexN
SEXLSAEMEMBRSex (where discrepant).SexN
SEXLSAFPIFPCSex (where discrepant) of inter-FPC mover.SexN
SEXLSALPPSYCSex (where discrepant).SexN
SEXLSARSREENSex (where discrepant).SexN
SEXLSCCCANCSex (where discrepant).SexN
SEXSPWIWDOWSex of LS member (where discrepant).SexN
SEXTEN9ME91Sex of LS member (10% sample), where discrepant wth other data. 1991.SexN