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VariableTableShort descriptionKeywordRestricted
ADREINBMLBSMAdded record indicator - birth to sample mother.LSN
ADREINBMSBSMAdded record indicator - birth to sample mother.LSN
ADREINNBNBIRAdded record indicator - new birth on LS date.LSN
BATCHTY9ME91Level of tracing/linking of the LS member by NHSCR. 1991LSN
BLDBRK9ME91Building Brick - LS member's household. 1991.LSN
BLDNUM9ME91Building number. 1991.LSN
DOEXITCCCANCDate of exit from NHS (1993 onwards).LSN
DORENTCCCANCDate of re-entry into NHS (1993 onwards).LSN
EDATEIMIDMIDate of event (1993 onwards). Death of child of LSM.LSN
EVDYDELENLSEvent details - day of occurrence.LSN
EVDYEEMEMBREvent day (Occurrence).LSN
EVMTDELENLSEvent details - month of occurrence.LSN
EVMTEEMEMBREvent month (Occurrence).LSN
EVYRDELENLSEvent details - year of occurrence.LSN
EVYREEMEMBREvent year (Occurrence).LSN
FORMNO8ME81xForm number. 1981.LSY
HCAIND9ME91Used to determine state of LS member's household during 10% edit processing. 1991.LSN
IRCSAIRIMMGImmigrant type code.LSN
LTINDIMMGLate Trace Indicator.LSN
MEFLAG9ME91Multiple enumeration indicator. 1991.LSN
NHSNO39ME91xLS member's NHS number - 1st three characters. 1991.LSY
PRUNO8ME81xProcessing unit number. 1981.LSY
RECTYPECANCLS member's cancer record.LSN
RECTYPENBIRRecord type. New birth on a sample date.LSN
RECTYPEME81Record type. 1981 Census record.LSN
RECTYPEDETHLS member's death record.LSN
RECTYPEEMBRLS member's Embarkation record.LSN
RECTYPEENLSLS member Enlistment record.LSN
RECTYPELBSMLS member's live birth record - births to sample mothers.LSN
RECTYPEREENLS member re-entry to NHS (& LS sample) record.LSN
RECTYPESBSMLS member's stillbirth record - sample mothers.LSN
RECTYPEIMMGLS member's 'Immigrant/Re-entrant to the NHS' record.LSN
RECTYPEIFPCLS member's Inter-FPC record.LSN
RECTYPEPSYCLS member's long-stay psychiatric patient record.LSN
RECTYPEME91Record Type 41 indicator. 1991.LSN
RECTYPESBSFLS member's stillbirth record - sample fathers.LSN
RECTYPEWDOWLS member's Widow(er)hood record.LSN
SAIN8ME81Sample indicator. 1981LSN
SAMPLID9ME911991 Census 10% sample indicator.LSN
SCPRIND8ME811981 LS Card processed in Scotland indicator.LSN
TYPEIND7ME71xRecord type: Private/Fertility/Qualifications Indicator. 1971.LSY
YRENT7ME71Year of entry to United Kingdom. 1971.LSN