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Variable: QAL1I7
Table: ME71
Short description: First qualification - awarding institution. 1971.
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Coding scheme

1Aberdeen University
2Bath University of Technology
3Birmingham University
4Bradford University
5Bristol University
6Brunel University
7Cambridge University
8City University
9Dublin University
10Dundee University
11Durham University
12Edinburgh University
13Essex University
14Exeter University
15Glasgow University
16Hartley University College, Southampton
17Heriot-Watt University
18Hull University
19Institute of Science and Technology
20Keele University
21King's College, Newcastle (Durham University)
22Lancaster University
23Leeds University
24Leicester University
25Liverpool University
26London University
27Bedford College
28Birkbeck College
29British Institute of Paris
30British Post-Graduate Medical Federation
31Charing Cross Hospital Medical School
32City and Guilds College
33College of Estate Management
34Courtauld Institute of Art
35East London College
36Goldsmith's College
37Guy's Hospital Medical School
38Imperial College of Science and Technology
39Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
40Institute of Archaeology
41Institute of Basic Medical Science
42Institute of Cardiology
44Institute of Child Health
45Institute of Classical Studies
46Institute of Commonwealth Studies
47Institute of Computer Science
48Institute of Dental Surgery
49Institute of Dermatology
50Institute of Diseases of the Chest
52Institute of Education
53Institute of Germanic Language and Literature
54Institute of Germanic Studies
55Institute of Larynology and Otology
56Institute of Latin American Studies
57Institute of Neurology
58Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
59Institute of Ophthalmology
60Institute of Orthopaediology
61Institute of Psychiatry
62Institute of United States Studies
63Institute of Urology
64Jew's College
65King's College
66King's College Hospital Medical School
67King's College of Household and Social Science
68Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine
69London Day Training College
70London Graduate School of Business Studies
71London Hospital Medical College
72London School of Economics
73London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
74London School of Tropical Medicine
75Middlesex Hospital Medical School
76New College, London
77Queen Elizabeth College
78Queen Mary College
79Richmond College
80Ross Institute of Tropical Hygiene
81Royal College of Science
82Royal Dental Hospital of London
83Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine
84Royal Holloway College
85Royal Post-Graduate Medical School
86Royal School of mines
87Royal Veterinary College
88St Bartholomews Hospital Medical College
89St George's Hospital Medical School
90St Mary's Medical School
91St Thomas Hospital Medical School
92School of Dental Surgeons
93School of Oriental and African Studies
94School of Oriental Studies
95School of Pharmacy
96School of Slavonic and East European Studies
97Swanley Horticultural College
98University College
99University College Hospital Dental School
100University College Hospital Medical School
101University of London Computer Unit
102Warburg Institute
103Westfield College
104Westminster Hospital Medical School
105Wye College
106Loughborough University of Technology
107National University of Ireland
108New University of Ulster
109Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University
110Nottingham University
111Oxford University
112Ruskin School of Art
113Polish University College
114Queen's College, Dundee University
115Queen's University of Belfast
116Reading University
117St Andrew's University
118Salford University
119Scottish College of Commerce (Strathclyde University)
120Sheffield University
121Southampton University
122Stirling University
123Surrey University
124Sussex University
125Trinity College, Dublin University
126University of Aston, Birmingham
127University College, Dublin
128University College, Dundee
129University College of Hull
130University College, Leicester
131University College of North Staffordshire
132University College, Nottingham
133University College of South West of England
134University of East Anglia
135University of Kent
136Strathclyde University
137University of Wales
138University College, Aberystwyth
139University College of North Wales, Bangor
140University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire, Cardiff
141University College, Swansea
142Welsh National School of medicine
143Institute of Science and Technology
144St David's College, Lampeter
145Victoria University Manchester
146Warwick University
147York University
148Oxford and Birmingham Universities (joint)
149Battersea College of Technology
150Birmingham College of Advanced Technology
151Bradford Institute of Technology
152Bristol College of Science and Technology
153Brunel College of Advanced Technology
154Chelsea College of Science and Technology
155Heriot-Watt College
156Loughborough College of Technology
157Northampton College of Advanced Technology
158Royal College of Advanced Technology, Salford
159Royal College of Science & Technology, Glasgow
160Welsh College of Advanced Technology
161Manchester College of Science and Technology
162Armstrong College, Newcastle
163Barking Regional College of Technology
164Battersea Polytechnic Institute
165Belfast College of Art
166Birkenhead Technical,College
167Birmingham Central Technical College
168Birmingham College of Art
169Birmingham College of Commerce
170Birmingham College of Food and Domestic Art
171Birmingham College of Technology
172Birmingham Polytechnic
173Birmingham School and Midland Institute of Music
174Birmingham School of Music
175Bolton Institute of Technology
176Borough Polytechnic
177Brighton College of Arts
178Brighton College of Technology
179Brighton Polytechnic
180Bristol College of Commerce
181Bristol College of Technology
182Bristol Polytechnic
183Brixton School of Building
184Brunel Regional College of Technology
185Camborne School of Mines
186Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology
187Cardiff College of Commerce
188Cardiff Science and Art School
189Chelsea Polytechnic
190Chiswick Polytechnic
191City of Canterbury College of Art
192City of Leicester Polytechnic
193City of Westminster College
194Coatbridge Technical College
195College of Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering, London
196College of Speech Therapists
197Constantine College of Technology
198Cranfield College of Aeronautics
199Croydon College of Technology
200Dartington College of Art
201Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art
202Dundee College of Art
203Dundee College of Technology
204Dundee Institute of Art and Technology
205Dundee Technical College
206Ealing Technical College
207Edinburgh College of Domestic Science
209Enfield College of Technology
210Faraday House Engineering College
211Glamorgan College of Technology
212Glamorgan Polytechnic
213Glasgow College of Commerce
214Glasgow School of Art
215Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science
216Guildhall School of Music and Drama
217Hammersmith College of Art and Building
218Harper Adams Agricultural College
219Harris College, Preston
220Hatfield College of Technology
221Hatfield Polytechnic
222Hendon College of.-Technology
223High Wycombe College of Technology
224Highbury College of Commerce (Portsmouth)
225Huddersfield College of Technology
226Isleworth Polytechnic
227John Dalton College
228Kidderminster College of Further Education
229Kingston College of Arts
230Kingston College of Technology
231Kingston Polytechnic
232Kingston-on-Hull Regional College of Art
233Lanchester College of Technology
234Lanchester Polytechnic
235Leeds College of Art
236Leeds College of Commerce
237Leeds College of Technology
238Leeds Polytechnic
239Leicester College of Art
240Leicester Regional College of Technology
241Lincoln Adult Education Centre
242Liverpool College of Art
243Liverpool College of Building
244Liverpool College of Commerce
245Liverpool College of Technology
246Liverpool Polytechnic
247London College of Furniture
248London College of Music
249London College of Printing
250Loughborough College
251Loughborough College of Art
252Luton College of Technology
253Manchester College of Art and Design
254Manchester College of Commerce
255Manchester College of Domestic Science
256Manchester Polytechnic
257Medway and Maidstone College of Technology
258Merchant Venturers Technical
259Mid-Essex Technical College
260Middlesex Technical College
261Millbank College of Commerce
262Municipal College of Commerce, Newcastle
263Municipal College of Technology, Manchester
264Municipal School of Technology, Manchester
265National College of Agricultural Engineering
266National College of Food Technology
267National College of Heating, Ventilating,, Refrigeration
268National College of Rubber Technology
269National College of Teachers for the Deaf
270National Foundry College
271National Leathersellers College
272Newcastle College of Art and Design
273Newcastle College of Medicine
274Newcastle-upon-Tyne Polytechnic
275North East London Polytechnic
276North of Scotland College of Agriculture, Aberdeen
277North Staffordshire College of Technology
278North Staffordshire Polytechnic
279North Western Polytechnic, London
280Northampton Engineering College London
281Northampton Institute
282Northampton Polytechnic
283Northern Polytechnic, London
284Northern School of Music
285Norwood Technical College
286Nottingham College of Arts
287Nottingham and District Technical College
288Nottingham Regional College of Technology
289Oxford College of Technology
290Oxford Polytechnic
291Paisley College of Technology
292Plymouth College of Technology
293Plymouth Polytechnic
294The Polytechnic of Central London
295The Polytechnic, Wolverhampton
296Portsmouth College of Art and Design
297Portsmouth College of Technology
298Portsmouth Polytechnic
299R.A.F. College, Cranwell
300Reading Technical College
301Regent Street Polytechnic
302Regional College of Art, Manchester
303Robert Gordon's Institute of Technology
304Robert Gordon's Technical College
305Royal Academy of Music
306Royal Academy Schools
307Royal Agricultural College
308Royal College of Art
309Royal College of Engineering Technology
310Royal College of Music
311Royal College of Organists
312Royal College of Teachers of the Blind
313Royal Manchester School of Music
314Royal Military College of Science
315Royal Naval Engineering College, Portsmouth
316Royal School of Music
317Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow
318Royal Technical College, Glasgow
319Royal Technical College, Salford
320Royal West of England School of Architecture
321Rugby College of Engineering Technology
322Rupert Stanley College, Belfast
323Rutherford College of Technology
324School of Navigation, Southampton
325Scottish College of Textiles
326Scottish Hotel School, Glasgow
327Scottish Woollen Technical College
328Seale-Hayne Agricultural College
329Sheffield College of Art
330Sheffield College of Technology
331Sheffield Polytechnic
332Sir John Cass School of Science and Technology
333South East Essex Technical College
334South East Technical College
335South West Essex Technical college
336Southall Technical College
337Southampton College of Technology
338Southend Municipal College
339Staffordshire College of Technology
340Stevenage College of Further Education
341Stockport College of Further Education
342Stockport College of Technology
343Stoke on Trent College of Art
344Sunderland College of Art
345Sunderland Polytechnic
346Sunderland Technical College
347Teeside Polytechnic
348Tonic Sol-Fa College of Music
349Tottenham Technical College
350Treforest College of Technology
351Trent Polytechnic
352Trinity College of Music
353Twickenham College of Technology
354Waltham Forest Technical College
355Watford College of Technology
356Wednesbury County Technical College
357West Ham College of Technology
358West of Scotland Agricultural College
359West of Scotland College of Domestic Science
360Westminster Technical College
361Wigan and District Mining and Technical College
362Willesden Technical College
363William Temple College, Rugby
364Wolverhampton College of Art
365Wolverhampton College of Technology
366Woolwich Polytechnic
367Writtle Agricultural College
368Acton College
369All Saints' College, Leeds
370Alnwick College of Education
371Anstey College of Physical Education
372Avery Hill College of Education
373Balls Park Training College
374Bath College of Education
375Battersea Training College
376Bedford College of Physical Education
377Bedford Training College
378Berkshire College of Education
379Bingley College of Education
380Birmingham Training College
381Bishop Grosseteste College
382Bishop Lonsdale College of Education
383Bishop Otter Memorial College
384Bognor Regis Training College
385Bolton Training College
386Bordesley Training College
387Borough Road College, Isleworth
388Brentwood College of Education
389Bretton Hall Training College
390Brighton College of Education
391C F Mott College of.Education, Liverpool
392Caerleon College of Education
393Carnegie College of Physical Education
394Cartrefle Training College
395Charlotte Mason College
396Chelsea College of Physical Education
397Cheshire College of Education, Alsager
398Cheshire College of Education, Crewe
399Chester College
400Chorley College of Education
401Christ Church College, Canterbury
402Christ's College, Liverpool
403City of Birmingham Training College
404City of Cardiff College of Education
405City of Leeds Training College
406City of Worcester Training College
407College of All Saints, London
408College of St Mark and St John
409College of St Matthias
410College of Sarum St Michael
411Coloma College
412Coventry City College of Education
413Culham College
414Darlington Training College
415Dartford College of Physical Education
416De La Salle Training College
417Didsbury Training College
418Digby Stuart College
419Doncaster College
420Dudley Training College
421Eastbourne College of Education
422Eaton Hall College of Education
423Edge Hill College of Education
424Elizabeth Gaskell college
425Endsleigh College of Education
426Ethel Wormald College
427F L Calder College of Domestic Science
428Froebel Institute College of Education
429Furzedown Training College
430Gipsy Hill Training College
431Glamorgan College of Education
432Gloucestershire Training College
433Hereford College of Education
434Hockerhill College
435Momerton College
436I M Marsh College of Physical Education
437Ilkley College of Housecraft
438James Graham College
439Kenton Lodge College
440Kesteven Training College
441Keswick Hall Training College
442King Alfred's College
443Kingston upon Hull College of Education
444Kirkby Fields College of Education
445La Saints Union College of Education
446Lady Mabel College
447Lady Spencer Churchill College of Education
448Leicester City College of Education
449Leicester Domestic Science Training College
450Llandaff College of Education
451Loughborough Training College
452Madeley College of Education
453Manchester Training College
454Margaret McMillan Memorial College
455Maria Assumpta Training College
456Maria Grey College
457Mary Ward College of Education
458Mather Training College
459Matlock College of Education
460Middleton St George College of Education
461Neville's Cross Training College
462Newcastle upon Tyne College of Education
463Newland Park College of Education
464Newman College of Education
465Newton Park College
466Nonington College of Physical Education
467Normal College
468North Buckinghamshire Training College
469North Riding College of Education
470Northern Counties College
471Northumberland College of Education
472Notre Dame College of Education, Liverpool
473Nottingham College of Education
474Oastler College
475Padgate College of Education
476Phillippa Fawcett Training College
477Portsmouth College of Education
478Poulton College of Education
479Putteridge Bury College of Education
480Rachel McMillan College
481Radbrook Training College
482Redland College
483Ripon College
484Rolle College
485Saffron Walden College
486St Gabriel's College
487St Hilda's College
488St John's College, York
489St Katherine's College, Liverpool
490St Luke's College, Exeter
491St Martin's College of Education
492St Mary's College, Bangor
493St Mary's College, Cheltenham
494St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill
495St Mary's Training College, Newcastle
496St Osyth's College
497St Paul's College, Cheltenham
498St Paul's College of Education, Rugby
499St Peter's College, Saltley
500Scawsby College of Education
501Seaford college of Education
502Sedgley Park Training College
503Sheffield City College of Education
504Shenstone College
505Shoreditch Training College
506Sidney Webb Training College
507Sittingbourne College of Education
508Southlands Training College
509Stockwell College of Education
510Summerfield College
511Sunderland College of Education
512Swansea College of Education
513Teeside Training College
514Thomas Huxley College
515Thornbridge Hall College of Education
516Totley Hall College of Education
517Trent Park College
518Trinity College, Carmarthen
519Trinity College, Leeds
520Venerable Bede College
521Wall Hall Training College
522Wentworth Castle College of Education
523West Midlands College of Education
524Westhill Training College
525Westminster College
526Weymouth Training College
527Whitelands Training College
528Wolverhampton Teacher College
529Yorkshire College of Education and Home Economics
530Aberdeen College of Education
531Callendar Park college, Falkirk
532Craigie College of Education
533Craiglockhard College of Education
534Dundee College of Education
535Dunfermline College of Physical Education
536Hamilton College of Education
537Jordanhill College of Education
538Moray House College of Education
539Notre Dame College of Education
540Belfast College of Domestic Science
541St Joseph's College of Education
542St Mary's College of Education
543Stanmillis College of Education
544Ulster College of Physical
545Advertising Association
546Apothecaries Hall, Ireland
547Architectural Association, School of Architecture
548Art of Movement Studio
549Association of Certified and Corporate Accountants
550Association of Dispensing Opticians
551Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
552Association of Occupational Therapists
553Association of Psychiatric Social Workers
554Association of Public Health Inspectors
555Board of Education
556Board of Trade
557British Boot and Shoe Institution
558British Computer Society
559British Dietetics Association
560British Neurological Institute
561British Institute of Management
562British Institution of Radio Engineers
563British Optical Association
564British Orthopaedic Association
565British Orthoptics Board
566British Psychological Society
567British School of Osteopathy
568British Tuberculosis Association
569Building Societies Institute
570Building Surveyors Institute
571Central Council for the Training of Child Care Officers
572Central midwives Board
573Chartered Auctioneers and Estate Agents
574Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
575Chartered Institute of Secretaries
576Chartered Insurance Institute
577Chartered Land Agents Society
578Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
579City and Guilds of London Institute
580Clothing Institute
581College of Pathologists
582College of Preceptors
583College of Technologists
584Commercial Teachers Association
585Co-operative Union
586Corporation of Secretaries
587Council of Engineering Institutions
588Council for Legal Education
589Council for National Academic Awards
590Dalcroze Society
591Department of Education and Science
592Educational Institute of Scotland
593Empire Test Pilots School
594English Conjoint Examining Board of the Royal College of Physicians of London and The Royal College of Surgeons of England
595Faculty of Actuaries
596Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland
597Faculty of Advocates
598Faculty of Physiotherapists
599Faculty of Secretaries
600General Nursing Council
601Grocers Institute
602Housing Management Examination
603Illumination Engineering Society
604Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors
605Incorporated Sales Managers Association
606Incorporated Society of Auctioneers and Landed Property Agents, not Incorporated society of Valuers and Auctioneers
607Industrial Transport Association
608Institute of Actuaries
609Institute of Almoners
610Institute of Animal Technicians
611Institute of Bankers
612Institute of Banker's in Scotland
613Institute of Biology
614Institute of Brewing
615Institute of British Decorators and Interior Designers
616Institute of British Boundrymen
617Institute of Building
618Institute of Building Estimators
619Institute of Ceramics
620Institute of Chartered Accountants
621Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
622Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
623Institute of Chiropodists
624Institute of Clerk of Works
625Institute of Commerce
626Institute of Costs and Works Accountants
627Institute of Engineering Design
628Institute of Export
629Institute of Food Science and Technology
630Institute of Fuel
631Institute of Health Service Administrators
632Institute of Heating and Ventilating Engineers
633Institute of Hospital Administrators
634Institute of Housing
635Institute of Housing managers
636Institute of Industrial Administration
637Institute of Information Scientists
638Institute of Landscape Architects
639Institute of Legal Executives
640Institute of Linguists
641Institute of Marketing and Sales Management
642Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology
643Institute of Medical Social Workers
644Royal College of Midwives
645Institute of Motor Industry
646Institute of Municipal Building Management
647Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants
648Institute of Nuclear Engineers
649Institute of Office management
650Institute of Optical Science
651Institute of Parks and Recreation Administration
652Institute of Personnel Management
653Institute of Physics
654Institute of Plumbing
655Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
656Institute of Printing
657Institute of Public Cleansing
658Institute of Public Relations
659Institute of Public Supplies
660Institute of Purchasing and Supply
661Institute of Quantity Surveyors
662Institute of Quarrying
663Institute of Refrigeration
664Institute of Sales Managers
665Institute of Science Technology
666Institute of Sewage Purification
667Institute of Shipping and Forwarding Agents
668Institute of Statisticians
669Institute of Taxation
670Institute of Traffic Administration
671Institute of Transport
672Institute of Water Pollution Control
673Institute of Welding
674Institute of Wood Science
675Institute of Work Study
676Institute of Works Managers
677Institution of Automobile Engineers
678Institution of Chemical Engineers
679Institution of Civil Engineers
680Institution of Electrical and Electronic Technicians and Engineers
681Institution of Electrical Engineers
682Institution of Electronics and Radio
683Institution of Engineering Inspection
684Institution of Gas Engineers
685Institution of Highway Engineers
686Institution of Marine Engineers
687Institution of Mechanical Engineers
688Institution of mechanical Engineers (Automobile Division)
689Institution of metallurgists
690Institution of Mining Engineers
691Institution of Mining and Metallurgy
692Institution of Municipal Engineers
693Institution of Plant Engineers
694Institution of Production Engineers
695Institution of Public Health
696Institution of Railway Signal Engineers
697Institution of the Rubber Industry
698Institution of Structural Engineers
699Institutional Management Association
700Irish Joint Board of The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and The Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
701Joint Board of the: Institute of Chartered Accountants E & W, Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland, Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland, Institute of Cost and Works Accountants, Association of Certified and Corporate Accountants
702Joint Examination Board of The Royal Institute of Chemistry and The Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
703Law Society
704Law Society of Scotland
705Library Association
706Local Government Examination Board
707Local Government Training Board
708Mathematical Association
709Mines Qualification Board
710Ministry of Aviation
711Ministry of Education
712Ministry of Transport
713Museums Association
714National Association for Mental Health
715Office Management Association
716Ophthalmic Nursing Board
717Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
719Plastics Institute
720Public Health Inspectors Education Board for England and Wales
721Purchasing Officers Association
722Queen's Institute of District Nursing
723Register of osteopaths
724Rotunda Hospital, Dublin
725Royal Aero Club
726Royal Aeronautical Society
727Royal College of General Practitioners
728Royal College Nursing
729Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
730Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
731Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
732Royal College of Physicians of Lopdon
733Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
734Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
735Royal College of Surgeons of England
736Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
737Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
738Royal Incorporated Architects of Scotland
739Royal Institute of British Architects
740Royal Institute of Chemistry
741Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene
742Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
743Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
744Royal Medico-Psychological Association
745Royal Sanitary Association
746Royal Sanitary Association of Scotland
747Royal Sanitary Institute
748Royal Sanitary Institute and Sanitary Inspectors Examination Joint Board
749Royal Society of Health
750Savings Bank Institute
751Scottish Association of occupational Therapists
752Scottish Association of opticians
753Scottish Conjoint Board of The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
754Scottish Council for Commercial, Administrative and Professional Education/SCCAPE
755Society of Apothecaries of London
756Society of Architectural and Associated Technicians
757Society of Chiropodists
758Society of Commercial Teachers
759Society of Dyers and Colourists
760Society of Engineers
761Society of Glass Technologists
762Society of Housing Managers
763Society of Incorporated Accountants and Auditors
764Society of Industrial Artists and Designers
765Society of Radiographers
766Society of Remedial Gymnasts
767Supreme Court, Scotland
768Surveyors Institute
769Textile Institute
770Timber Development Association
771Town Planning Institute
772Training Council for teachers of The Mentally Handicapped
773Worshipful Company of Scriveners
774Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers
775Youth Employment Service Training Board
776Local Education Authorities
777Awarding Institution not stated
778Physical Society
779Central Forestry Examination Board of the UK
780East Midland Educational Union
781Joint Committee of the National Board for bakery Education and the Department of Education and Science
782National Agricultural Examination Board
783National Dairy Examination Board,
784National Poultry Diploma Examination Board
785Royal Horticultural Society
786Union of Educational Institute
787Union of Lancashire and Cheshire Institutes
788Northern Counties Technical Examinations Board
789Joint Examinations Boards
790East of Scotland College of Agriculture
809Hong Kong
817Latin America
821New Zealand
828Sierra Leone
830South Africa
835Trinidad and Tobago
841Other Africa (Commonwealth)
842Other Asia/Oceania (Commonwealth)
843Other Commonwealth Countries in America
844Other Europe (Excluding USSR)
845Rest of the World
846Malta and Gozo
847Institute of Sanitary Engineering
848National Council for Technological Awards
849Salisbury Training College
850Scottish Colleges of Education no longer in existence
851Scottish Education Dept (SED)
852Scottish Joint Committees/SANCAD University Institutes of Education - England and Wales
873English and Welsh Colleges of Education, no longer in existence
874Hornsey College of Art
875Institute of Measurement and Control
876National Council for Diplomas in Art and Design
877Joint Committee for Business Studies and Public Administration
878Council for the Training of Health Visitors
879University Institute of Education - Warwick
880Other Joint Committees for the Award of HNC/HND (England and Wales)
881Solihull Technical College
882Institute of Metal Finishers
883Institute of Corrosion Technology
884Ministry of Defence
885Church of England
886Rose Bruford Training College of Speech and Drama
887Northern Ireland Ministry of Education
888Dundee School of Economics (Now Queens College)
889Institute of Mathematics and its Application
890Other Further Education Colleges
891Cardiff College of Food Technology
892Tavistock Institute/Clinic
893Faculty of Homeopathic Medicine
894London College of Osteopathy
895British Display Society
896Scottish Joint Committees for Awards in Management Studies
897Eire (Foreign Institution)
0Absent person

Units of measurement:  
Source: 1971 Census. Question B14.
Former name of variable: QAL1I
Derived: N
Derivation: Not available
Date range:  
Keyword: Education
Classifications: QUAL71
Comparable variables for other individuals:  
Comparable variables for other times:  
Restricted: N
Data type: Numeric
Length of field: 2
Reference 1: See LS Technical Volume (Hattersley and Creeser, 1995) pp. 270-273, page 66.
Reference 2: 1971 Census Appendix 10