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Purpose of this module

This module provides information on the mortality data within the LS including deaths of sample members, deaths of sample members' spouses (widow(er)hoods) and deaths of their infant and older children (LS sample mothers only).

The aims are:
1. To inform potential users of the LS of the scope of the mortality data available.
2. To describe these data and the system for coding causes of death, including changes over time (ICD revisions 8,9 and 10).
3. To explain how underlying causes of death are selected and to detail other variables that may be used, along with any restrictions.
4. To give some simple examples.

Having read through the module the reader should understand:
1. The main tables to consult in the data dictionary when looking for mortality variables.
2. The time period in which these variables are valid and how to use each in conjunction with others.
3. The relationships between different revisions of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes.
4. How mortality data can be used in conjunction with other data in the LS.

This should help researchers who want to use mortality data, along with other information within the LS, to understand both the potential and limitations of their ambitions.

Note that throughout this module placing the cursor over the first occurrence on a page of an abbreviation or acronym will reveal the full version of the text (see LS and ICD above) e.g. CeLSIUS

Throughout this module, where data are shown, these are taken only from the LS Table under discussion. No attempt has been made to create rates or to standardise the data displayed.
The data should NOT be quoted in any way without this qualifier.