Presentations from ONS LS Ethnicity Research Workshop November 2005

The ONS LS Development Team and CeLSIUS held a workshop on ethnicity research in the LS at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine on 11 November 2005. Please click on the titles below to see the presentations from this workshop.

Bola Akinwale: Methodological issues in ONS Longitudinal Study analysis of mortality and fertility by ethnic group (PowerPoint 489K)

Louisa Blackwell and Daniel Guinea-Martin: Using the ONS LS to contextualise cross-sectional results (PowerPoint 558K)

Julian Buxton: Introduction to methodological issues in LS ethnicity research (PowerPoint 336K)

Genna Kik: Minority ethnic employment transitions in England and Wales 1991 to 2001 (PowerPoint 558KB)

Yaojun Li: Changing ethnic identities in England and Wales (1991 to 2001) (PowerPoint 187K)

Raya Muttarak: Do intermarried individuals perform better in the labour market (PowerPoint 700K)

Lucinda Platt: Attrition in the LS (PowerPoint 185K)