Downloadable tables from the ONS Longitudinal Study

Seven sets of downloadable tables are available. Each includes:

  • introduction to the topic
  • research questions
  • notes on sample selection
  • downloadable tables in HTML and Excel format
  • key findings
  • questions and answers

Uses for students:

  • add weight to your arguments with concise findings from the Key Findings (but don't forget to cite the source)
  • test your understanding by trying the Questions - and then compare your answers with ours!
  • pick your own research question and use the Tables to study it.

Uses for lecturers:

  • to illustrate your lecture on the nature and use of Census data
  • as concise, attractive examples of research design and sample selection
  • set your students to try out the Questions during a practical session
  • suggest student essay/exercise topics based on a set of tables
Last modified 14 March 2011