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Cohabitation and after: What proportion of cohabiting couples go on to marry? Do those who marry have different characteristics from those who cohabit? What proportion of cohabiting partnerships have ended ten years later? Are there differences between people whose partnerships will end and those whose partnerships will survive?

Marriage and motherhood: Which partnership status (married, cohabiting or lone) is the best predictor of a woman's likelihood of having a live birth in the following 10 years? For unmarried women, were those who subsequently had a live birth more likely to be married 10 years later? Was there any evidence that women who were married or cohabiting were more likely to be lone 10 years later if they had had a live birth in the intervening period?

Household changes in old age: How do living arrangements change in later life? Are the changes different for men and women?

Ethnicity and health: Do differences in limiting long term illness exist between ethnic minority groups in the 1991 and 2001 Censuses? Did socioeconomic differences between ethnic minority groups widen between 1991 and 2001? To what extent are socioeconomic factors in 1991 and 2001 associated with limiting long term illness in 2001?

Inter-generational social mobility: do middle-aged adults in 2001 tend to occupy a similar occupational social class to that of their parents in 1971?

Right-to-buy: Who exercised the right to buy social housing in the 1980s, and did this change in the 1990s?

Teenage mothers: Who becomes a teenage mother, and do teenage mothers experience economic disadvantage?

Interregional migration: Who migrated between regions between 1991 and 2001, and where did they come from and go to?