Derived variables: Occupational social status of Household Reference Person in 2001


Name of derived variable: OCCSTAT0
Variable label: Occupational social status of household reference person (HRP) at 2001 Census
Notes (IMPORTANT): The LS member him/herself may - or may not - be the Household Reference Person (HRP). For rules governing the allocation of HRP status and other details, see the Socio-Economic Training Module.
LS members enumerated in a Communal Establishment (and therefore not part of a household) will be classified as though they were the HRP.
Full time students who are working are classed as "working".
Categories (see below for full version): 0 "Aged under 16 or over 64, and not working"
1 "Aged 16-64, not known whether working"
2 "Aged 16-64, not working"
3 "Working, semi- or unskilled"
4 "Working, white-collar or skilled"
Study group: LS members enumerated at the 2001 Census.
Derived from: AGEP0, AGEPIMP, NSSP0, NSSPIMP, HRPP0, ECOP0 and ECOPIMP, from ME01
Exclusions: A few LS members (fewer than 0.05% of those enumerated in 2001) will have a missing value at this variable. Their household has no identifiable Reference Person and the LS member has a missing value at ECOP0 (economic activity). The majority of them are aged under 30; some are children.
Imputations: Imputed values have been variously dealt with; see the full Category listing below. Everyone with imputed age in 2001 (AGEP0) also had imputed economic activity status (ECOP0); they are therefore coded 1 at OCCSTAT0, the derived variable
Likely use: Gives a simple estimate of the current socio-economic well-being of the LS member's household. It is likely to be more reliable where the HRP is of working age; for older HRPs in particular, consideration might also be given to other variables, such as housing tenure.
Full category listing:  0 "Aged under 16 or over 64 and not working; age not imputed"
1 "Aged 16-64 or age imputed; economic activity (ECOP0) missing or imputed"
2 "Aged 16-64; not working; economic activity (ECOP0) not imputed"
3 "Working; economic activity (ECOP0) not imputed; semi- or unskilled occupation, or socio-economic classification of occupation missing or imputed"
4 "Working; economic activity (ECOP0) not imputed; white-collar or skilled occupation; socio-economic classification of occupation (NSSP0) not imputed"

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Last modified 19 October 2010