Derived variables: higher education


Name of derived variable: HEDUCAT0
Variable label: Whether has degree (or higher qualification) at 2001 Census
Categories: 1 "Has degree”
0 "No degree"
Derived from: HLQP0, QUP0 (both in ME01)
Study group: People present at 2001 Census and aged 16-74 years
Exclusions: Only people aged 16-74 were asked about qualifications. Full time students who were not at their term-time address were not asked about qualifications (though some were enumerated also at their term-time address even though they were absent). All these people will have a missing value at HEDUCAT0.
Imputation: The code sets HEDUCAT0 to missing if education was imputed.
Likely uses: HLQP0 has HNV and HND in the highest qualification category – this variable does not, but distinguishes graduates specifically.

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Last modified 29 April 2009