Derived variables: region


Name of derived variable: GOR8
Variable label: Region of usual residence at 1981 Census, using post-1996 boundaries (Government Office Region)
Categories: 1 "North East"
2 "North West"
3 "Yorkshire & Humberside"
4 "East Midlands"
5 "West Midlands"
6 "East of England"
7 "London"
8 "South East"
9 "South West"
10 "Wales"
Derived from: COUA8 (ME81); also a lookup table (consult your User Support Officer) called \data files\County - GOR look-ups\gor_look.dta
Study group: People present at 1981 Census
Exclusions: The variable will have 2,347 missing cases where the LS member was not usually resident in England or Wales. These missing cases include a number of LS members who were living in England or Wales in 1971 but had moved to Scotland by 1981; it will probably be appropriate to exclude them from analysis.
Likely uses: This converts county of usual residence at 1981 to the current regional geography (GOR). Similar conversions are available for 1971 and 1991 data.
Notes: ONS maintains a number of other look-up tables e.g. Local Authority District to Government Office Region, and these are freely available. See for some of them.

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Last modified 19 September 2011