Derived variables: broad ethnic group in 1991


Name of derived variable: ETHGRP9
Variable label: Ethnic grouping at 1991 Census

1 "White”
2 "Black or mixed"
3 "Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan"
4 "Chinese, Japanese, Far East"
5 "Other"

Derived from: ETHNIC9
Study group: People present at 1991 Census
Exclusions: None

This variable is a grouped version of ETHNIC9, itself derived from responses - both pre-coded and written-in - to the 1991 Census question. However, the grouping here has been influenced by a comparison between a sample member's coding at ETHNIC9 and his/her reported country of birth (see Excel spreadsheet). For example, code 88 at ETHNIC9 is labelled 'Other Ethnic Group, Non-Mixed: Other Asian'. A high proportion of cases in this group reported their country of birth as Japan, the Philippines or Vietnam; the group was therefore combined with those whose ethnic self-identification was 'Chinese'.

Compatibility: The variable ETHGRP8 has been designed to be compatible with this one.

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Last modified 2 November 2011