Derived variables: education

In each Census of England and Wales, questions are asked about educational qualifications, both academic and professional (though information about qualifications normally obtained at school was not collected in 1981 or 1991). Not surprisingly the categories change from year to year, and so does the age range of respondents expected to answer the question(s):

in 1971, 15-70 years for the school qualifications and 18-70 years for higher and professional qualifications (or, in both cases, over 70 if not retired)
1971 Census form (private households)
in 1981, 18 years or over (higher education and professional qualifications only)
1981 Census form (private households)
in 1991, 16 years or over (higher education and professional qualifications obtained at age 18 or over only)
1991 Census form (private households)
in 2001, 16-74 years
2001 Census form (private households)

For each Census LS variables are provided which indicate the highest qualification a respondent has obtained: HIQAL7 or EDUC7 (1971), HIQAL8 or QMLVHIQ8 (1981), HIQAL9 or QMLVHQT9 (1991) and HLQP0 (2001). The variable offered below is a dummy variable which distinguishes between graduates and others.


Applied to cases from:
2001 Census Whether has degree (or higher qualification)

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Last modified 12 August 2010