Derived variables: economic activity in 1981


Name of derived variable: EPSCLAS8
Variable label: Combined economic position and social class at 1981 Census
Categories: 1 "Professionals"
2 "Managers"
3 "Skilled non-Manual"
4 "Skilled manual"
5 "Part skilled manual"
6 "Unskilled"
7 "Armed forces"
8 "Other employed"
9 "Unemployed - economically active"
10 "In education"
11 "Housewives/husbands"
12 "Other inactive"
Derived from: ECONACT8, SOC8
Study group: People aged 25-69, present at 1981 Census. For example, all cases in table CORE1 for whom DOBYR is between 1911 and 1957, and for whom HISCEN81 (presence at 1981 Census) is 1.
Likely uses: Expands economic activity by specifying social class for people currently working full or part time. For people of working age only.
Note: In the 1981 Census a respondent could classify him/herself as a full-time student in addition to any other category of economic activity. However, all students were coded in the derived variables as economically inactive even if they were also working or job-seeking. ECONACT8 will therefore underestimate the proportion of economically active people.
General note: When using 1981 Census data, people coded -8 or -9 at STRGXUA8 should be dropped. The Scottish LS was still going in 1981 and the census forms of E&W LS members living in Scotland in 1981 (and who were present at 1971 in E&W) were sent from Scotland and included in the member's file at 1981 - these members should be dropped as they are not resident in E&W. They are coded STRGXUA8==-8, and people resident in other areas outside England and Wales are coded STRGXUA8==-9.

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Last modified 29 April 2009