Downloadable datasets: Regional differences

Uses for students:

  • use one of the datasets as the basis for your student research project - saving days of time locating and preparing data!
  • get your ideas flowing by trying the Exercises
  • practise your analysis skills by exploring a dataset yourself - and then use your results to illustrate your argument in an essay or project

Uses for lecturers:

  • use a dataset to demonstrate descriptive statistics
  • devise exercises for students to tackle during a practical - or download the set which we've already written!
  • offer student project topics based on a dataset

Download the dataset:

Download aggregated dataset in STATA v9 format 14KB

Download aggregated dataset in SPSS v14 format 11KB

Download metadata and questions to help you examine the dataset:

Download description of the dataset, including list of variables and values. 41KB

Download exercises on the dataset, STATA version (35KB)

Download exercises on the dataset, SPSS version (38KB)

You are welcome to publish findings from these data as long as you quote their source: CeLSIUS (2011) Downloadable dataset on regional differences, extracted from the ONS Longitudinal Study September 2010

If you are not familiar with aggregated data, read What are aggregated data and how are they analysed?.

To learn why the LS data are offered in this form, read Why an aggregated dataset?

Last modified 13 June 2011